Market Analysis 2009 for Downtown Cambridge, Maryland

“Cambridge is ripe to be the next significant revitalization success story in the State of Maryland”, according to a newly released report that analyzes the potential for entrepreneurship development in downtown Cambridge.The nearly 100-page market and positioning study was funded by the Community Legacy program in the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development. Looking at the past, present, and potential future of Cambridge, the report includes recommendations that would strengthen downtown’s economic and retail environment.
Briefly, the report recommends improving the connection between downtown and the waterfront; bolstering downtown as a center for arts, creativity, and microenterprise development; and shaping the commercial district and waterfront as destinations for retail, entertainment, and cultural activities.

The study was conducted by Economic Development Visions, which specializes in economic development and downtown revitalization. The recommendation to do the study came out of the 2006  R/UDAT (Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team) report.

Download the report, A Commercial District Revitalization Framework Plan for Downtown Cambridge, Maryland (4.5 MB PDF).

Download the Market Analysis Appendix (1.1 MB PDF).