For Volunteers

Thanks for your interest in helping out!

Cambridge Main Street is volunteer driven with each volunteer being vital to our organizational success.  From idea to execution, volunteers are at the center of every project we take on.

We have a wide variety of volunteer experiences to offer.  Some people volunteer for just a few hours at an event, while others work on projects that take some hours over the course of a few weeks or a few months to complete.  Still, others sign up for ongoing leadership roles in the organization.

Interested in volunteering?  Simply email us at [email protected] let us know about you and your interests so that we can do our best to come up with a good match for you.

Here is a short list of volunteer activities that Cambridge Main Street helps carry out:

  • Holiday season decorating
  • Event and festival planning like Spring Fling, Taste of Cambridge, and Summer Send Off
  • Promotional and Marketing for downtown
  • Administrative support
  • Graphic Design & promotional writing
  • Other depending on interest , knowledge and skills!

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